Prep Tech - diversified foods & seasonings

Purpose of the position
To properly measure, prepare, stage, and track wholesome recipe ingredients as indicated on Prep Ingredient Forms and directed by the Prep Lead, ensuring all quality, safety, and accuracy standards are adhered to.
Responsibilities & duties
?Responsibility 1 Accurately preparing, measuring, labelling and storing raw and IR ingredients in required portions prior to the cooking process.
?Responsibility 2 Accurately observing, recording, labelling, and reporting data on Production paperwork.
?Responsibility 3 Remaining up to date and knowledgeable about the products and equipment being handled, including, but not limited to: ingredient storage requirements, tare weights, expiration dates, and recipe platform instructions.
?Responsibility 4 Communicating professionally, both orally and in writing, with other employees (e.g. Leads, Supervisors, QA, etc.).
?Responsibility 5 Ensuring work area is clean and sanitary at all times as well as understanding and following GMP, HACCP, and SSOP as required.
?Responsibility 6 Safely and knowledgeably operating all machinery and tools as required, including, but not limited to: hydraulic and mechanical lifts, floor scales, table-top scales, meat dicer, trash compactor, Hobart mixer, and Buffalo chopper.
?Responsibility 7 Performing other duties as assigned.
Physical requirements
Must be able to identify differences in colors
Must be able to lift over 50 pounds continuously and must have good solid back and knees with full mobility.

Don't Be Fooled

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