Maintenance Technician - diversified foods & seasonings

Purpose of the position
Maintains all machinery so that machines are working properly, as well as performing repairs throughout the facility. Coordinates with the maintenance manager, maintenance supervisor, production personnel, contractors, and engineering team to ensure that all equipment, building, and grounds are maintained in such a way as to safely support servicing our customers. The primary focus of the position is to perform preventive and predictive maintenance on all assets to ensure maximum uptime. To ensure that repair and pm parts are ordered and installed in accordance with industry standards.
Responsibilities & duties
??Responsibility 1 To maintain and repair all equipment to ensure maximum uptime of the equipment. To troubleshoot in a timely manner and be able to requisition parts and services.
??Responsibility 2 Perform outside maintenance as well as refrigeration maintenance and waste water maintenance.
??Responsibility 3 Fabrication of parts, welding (TIG), electrical, and plumbing. The ability to read schematics and diagrams. The ability to use testing equipment like volt meters, amp meters, lumen meters, rulers, tape measures, squares, tachometers, and gas meters.
??Responsibility 4 Knowledge of pneumatics and hydraulics. Intermediate and advanced knowledge of electrical controls, VFD, PLC.
??Responsibility 5 Must be able to work on special projects as they arise.
??Responsibility 6 Maintain personal GMPs.
??Responsibility 7 Perform other duties as assigned.
??Responsibility 8 The willingness to safely respond to and work with Anhydrous Ammonia on a regular basis.
??Responsibility 9 Provide great customer service to internal customers such as QA Warehousing, Operations, and Management.

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